Home Staging Testimonials to Home Stage N Sell

Linda M, Seller, July 2012 

"Rick & Klara, I wanted to commend you and your staff on the wonderful transformation of my home. I wish I had found you when I moved in; and may want to use your services in White Rock, B.C. when we find our retirement home. I hope you have a great 4th of July! Thank you again!"
- Linda M, Seller
Antonia B, Seller, June 2012 

"I've just seen the photos. What you did is utterly amazing. I love the way you've enhanced the space and made the most of its great feature. I am thrilled - I knew you'd do a job, because I trust Joe fully. You certainly exceeded what I imagined. Thanks!"
- Antonia B, Seller
Glynis C, Seller, May 2012

"Dear Rick & Klara, I'm sooooo pleased with the work you did on my house. It's amazing how changing things out, moving things around just so opened everything. It's so funny, when I mentioned this morning how I liked those rattan chairs in the lower level and maybe you could use them and I think they work so well in the family room. I think it looks really nice.

My husband came in and was very happy with it as well. He did have his reservations prior, but he admitted that he thought you did a great job and we're both in agreement in our next home, we'll certainly have you help us out with placement of accessories and furniture. Whoever doesn't think it's important to stage needs to be enlightened. I think I had the components and good things to work with, but less is more and some of the rooms have just opened up so nicely. Love all the color combinations of the towels in the master bathroom as well.....You did a great job......

I'll certainly be happy to recommend you in the future, I am so happy with the work you did - THANK YOU!!!!!"
- Glynis C, Seller
Michelle R, Seller, May 2012

"Hi Rick & Klara: I just wanted to Thank you for staging our house. It looks terrific. It has just been on the market a couple of days and we already have 2 offers. I don't think we would have received offers so quickly if it hadn't been staged. You did a beautiful job and the house looks like a model home. Thanks again for your hard work. "
- Michelle R, Seller
Melissa A, Seller, May 2012

"Hi Klara, Thanks for all of your help. The house sold quickly and our visitors all thought it looked great."
- Melissa A, Seller
Paul W, Investor, April 2012

"Thank you does not sound like much but it truly is in this case. You have exceeded my expectation. It is a tremendous value and will certainly enhance our opportunity to sell! Excellent job! Again, Thank you very much!"
- Paul W, Investor
Wade F, Seller, April 2013

"Hello Young, thank you for the great staging work on Alleghany. The home looks great and the Virtual tour is a nice touch."
- Wade F, Seller
Janie McKenna, Associate Broker, Jobin Realty, March 2013

"Rick Duchesne" is the only person I ever need to talk to with regard to staging a home, whereas with all other contractors I get at least three opinions/estimates and sometimes five. I can't wait to recommend her to everyone. My clients, as well as I, have always been blown away with Rick's uncanny ability to transform a home into a showcase. If you do as Rick & Klara suggests, your home will sell very quickly, even in a slow market."
- Janie McKenna, Associate Broker, Remax Realty

Whit F, Seller, February 2013 

"It looks great and she put in a lot of effort with her helpers. Still in a bit of shock as one might expect - so much change -- especially about the Master Bedroom and bath we will probably have to vacate while the house is showing because of all the decoration. My wife had a very strong positive reaction. Certainly it is going to impress folks looking at it."
- Whit F, Seller
Andy F, Seller, February 2013

"Yes, it really looks wonderful -- and it is fun walking around and seeing how Rick/Klara used so much of what we had but added those special touches. At this point, I am convinced that any discerning potential buyer should immediately fall in love with the place. So all Anne has to do is gather up flocks of discerning buyers."
- Andy F, Seller
Greg M, Seller, February 2013

"Settlement went smoothly in spite of the snow. Please thank your crew again for making the effort to have the furniture removed. I understand the drive in was not so pleasant.

I found your service to be extremely professional and well worth the investment we made. Your keen eye for details plus the quality of your furniture pieces brought "livability" back to the property. The evidence was certainly in the speed in which the property sold after your services were retained. My only regrets is not hiring you on day one."
- Greg M, Seller
Kevin R, Seller, February 2013

"Place looks AWSOME - and UNBELIEVEABLE. Where can I sit safely? And, dare I do anything pedestrian like make a meal? I like that you were able to use so many of my things. My fiancé, taken on a virtual tour via Skype, really likes what you have done with the place. Thanks so much for your really excellent work. "
- Kevin R, Seller
Lester Sibert, Keller Williams Realty, January 2010

"Thanks so much for the expediency! You two and your business is simply amazing; Thanks for everything. "
- Lester Sibert, Keller Williams Realty
Jeff S, Invenstor, January 2013 

"Looks AWESOME! Great work. Thanks for the v-tour for my property. I'm very glad I chose you."
- Jeff S, Invenstor
Lisa G, Seller, November 2013

"Thanks again for your help. I'm convinced that made the difference in getting a contract so quick. To my point, the house across the street is still 'For Sale'. It was 'staged' too, but NOT by you. You definitely have a gift!"
- Lisa G, Seller
                       November 2013

"It was a pleasure working with you on Queens Brigade Dr! The transformation was awesome! You have an amazing eye for what works! The home sold quickly while other listings in the neighborhood are still waiting for their offer! I am a believer!"
- Marsha Wolber, Seller

Rani Covington, October 2013

"Klara" - I wanted to let you know that the Sylvester's home sold in 6 days! We had 3 offers to choose among, too. The winning buyer never even saw it as he is stationed in Alberta. They used the photos and Virtual Tour to make their decision.

Thank you so very much for making this great home shine! Pat and Jerry said it was worth every penny to have you and your team work your magic on their home."
Kathy S, Seller, October 2013

"Hi, Klara/Rick, thank you so much for all your work on our property. We were so excited by how the house looked that we weren't surprised by how quickly it went under contract. Thank you for making this quick sale possible!"
- Kathy S, Seller
                                June 2013

"I am completely blown away by the result you achieved after staging my home! It looks better than I even could imagine it would. My kids and I got home at the same time and had such a blast walking through each room to see what surprises we could find around each corner. The house actually looks lighter and brighter, and MUCH newer! I was particularly impressed with how you were able to "re-invent" the uses of the pieces I already had! You truly have a knack. I invited my father over to see the result and he just kept exclaiming how much BIGGER each room seemed. He actually teared up and wondered if maybe we shouldn't sell after all! The one thing we all agreed on was that EVERYONE who comes in is going to fall in love with our home. I can't thank you enough for that!"

After the house went under contract being on the market for 5 days...

"I don't know if you heard, but our house on Wage got a contract (ASKING PRICE!) on day 2 of its listing!!! We also got lots of positive feedback from the others who came through, as well! I know without a doubt that Staged Interior contributed mightily to how quickly this happened for us. This is the worst market in 60 years, and with your help we got a contract in less than 2 days on the market. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

Randy and Pam B, Sellers, June 2009

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