Home staging preps your home for sale. The very first day you list your home you want it to be in the very best condition as possible. You never want a buyer to walk in and get a bad first impression.
If you are selling your home and you want top dollar, then Home Staging  is a great way to do so. If its a vacant home or a home that is lived in, home staging helps to make sure everything is in it’s place and that every little detail has been given careful consideration.
Have you ever walked into a vacant home and wondered what it would look like with a king size bed? Or have you wondered how big of table would fit into the dinning room?
When you have a Professional home stager work with you, you ensure that your going to get a beautifully decorated home, with wonderful accent pieces and everything will flow. Furthermore your buyer will 
 get a good idea of what the home will look like once they move in and start adding their personal touches.
Homeowners are very emotionally attached to their home. It is very hard for a homeowner to see the little things, that a home stager would be able to see and point out. In the end selling your home for your asking price or even a bit more then your asking price is what its all about. Home Staging Mn will work hard with you to make sure you see your Top Dollar offer price.

I work with homeowners to help them discover the things they can do with existing pieces in their homes, or if they need some accent pieces or more furniture I help them pick out anything they might need. Home Staging MN works along side the homeowner. We help with every detail. We also like to incorporate DIY design projects as a cost effective way to save money.
The real estate market is very competitive! give your home the very best and get it sold faster.
How will you benefit with Home Staging ?
• Updated, newer look
• Positive first impression
• Impression that the home is clean and well-maintained-This means the buyer will have less doubts on making their offer
• Home appears larger with less clutter
• Showcase focal points of the house
• Beautiful pictures for your listing on MLS, print and newspaper listings
• Positive return on investment, get your money back that you spent on the home staging
• Faster sale- Sometimes homes that are staged have had an offer on the 1st day of their listing
• More showings
• More offers
• Higher sale price means more money in your pocket

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